Keyboard Systems

Height Adjustable Arm Systems meet the high precision control needs of businesses as an important component of industrial automation.

Robokol Keyboard Systems

Movable keyboard systems provide an ergonomic experience by allowing the user to best position the keyboard in accordance with the user’s posture and viewing angle. When not in use, the fasteners can be loosened to fold the keyboard into the dashboard display. The width and height dimensions of the keyboard can be adapted to the customer’s needs. Keyboard operating depth is offered in one option: 90 mm. In addition, the bellows connection product, unique to these movable keyboard models, regulates energy, image, signal and other cable flows while also providing protection against external factors.

Our Products That Are Representatives of the Industrial World

Our products such as High Adjustable Arm Systems, Arm Systems, Panel Systems, Kiosk Systems, Connection Towers, Industrial Panel PCs, Portable Panel Systems are at the center of industrial automation. Each is designed to optimize businesses’ daily operations, increase efficiency and ensure business continuity. Our strong, durable and cutting-edge products offer unique solutions to our customers. As Robokol, we design each of our products to stand one step ahead in the business world by combining quality and innovation.