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PC and Display Systems Products

Industrial PCs and tablets are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as dust, moisture, shocks and extreme temperatures. Therefore, they offer a long-lasting and reliable solution for industrial businesses.


Height Adjustable Arm Systems are an indispensable part of industrial automation and offer various advantages to businesses. These systems are critical for business continuity, efficiency and security.

Our Products That Are Representatives of the Industrial World

Our products such as High Adjustable Arm Systems, Arm Systems, Panel Systems, Kiosk Systems, Connection Towers, Industrial Panel PCs, Portable Panel Systems are at the center of industrial automation. Each is designed to optimize businesses’ daily operations, increase efficiency and ensure business continuity. Our strong, durable and cutting-edge products offer unique solutions to our customers. As Robokol, we design each of our products to stand one step ahead in the business world by combining quality and innovation.