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Representing high performance in the industrial world, our product range helps businesses maintain more efficient and reliable operations.

Arm Systems

Operator Arm Systems have become indispensable equipment of the developing machinery industry. Robokol makes significant contributions to the industry by offering modular products for light and medium loads with different technical features.

Panel Systems

Aluminum modular operator panels play a critical role in industrial facilities. These panels are designed using lightweight aluminum material and provide electrical distribution and control functions in industrial operations.

Kiosk Systems

Industrial kiosks enable efficient management of operations and can be used as mobile or fixed. Thanks to its automation capabilities, it reduces the labor costs of businesses and minimizes errors.


Industrial PC and Display Systems

Industrial PCs and tablets are designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions such as dust, moisture, shocks and extreme temperatures. Therefore, they offer a long-lasting and reliable solution for industrial businesses.

Portable Panel Systems

Portable panel systems facilitate the distribution of electrical energy in places such as construction sites, event venues, fairs and other temporary projects.

Carrying Capacity Elevator (Lift) Arm Systems

Height adjustable arm systems provide businesses with greater flexibility and precise control, increasing their usability in a variety of applications.

Keyboard Systems

Fixed and mobile console systems secure keyboards, mice, and other input devices within comfortable reach of users so they can use their computers more ergonomically.

Link Towers

Industrial beam barriers are used to control and stop entry to hazardous areas. Many industrial machines and equipment are integrated with these barriers to prevent contact with people.

Beam Barriers and Warning Lights

In the industrial field, beam barriers and warning signal lamps are used in businesses to ensure the safety of employees and facilities, to signal emergencies, to coordinate operations and to increase efficiency.

Transformation in industrial automation and control systems!

Our products, such as High Adjustable Arm Systems, Arm Systems, Panel Systems, Kiosk Systems, Connection Towers, Industrial Panel PCs and Portable Panel Systems, help industrial businesses ensure business continuity, increase their efficiency and gain competitive advantage. While these products are designed with years of experience and advanced technology, each can be tailored to suit our customers’ specific needs. As Robokol, we proudly work to shape the future of industrial automation and offer the best solutions to our customers.

Technological Revolution

While preparing our products, we observe the deficiencies of the sector.

Yılların verdiği tecrübe doğrultusunda, ürünlerimizi siz değerli müşterilerimizin beğenisine sunmadan önce sektördeki eksiklikleri gözlemliyoruz. We carry out our production entirely in line with these observations.

Saving time

Since we know the importance of time when preparing our products, we pay attention to these conditions.

Financial Savings

When designing and manufacturing our products, we act in line with the financial interests of our customers.


ROBOKOL Customer comments

Robokol's products make our job easier and more efficient. Excellent quality and technical support service!

Murat Taştan Operator

Thanks to kiosk systems, we have significantly improved our customer service. Thank you Robokol.

Ayşe Pınar Customer

Robokol's arm systems make our work more efficient. They always stand out with their technological superiority.

John Lee Customer


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Yes, we have technical support and consultancy services. We are here to answer any of your questions.

Yes, our products are produced in accordance with international quality and safety standards.

You can refer to our user manuals and guides for the maintenance of our products. Additionally, our technical team will assist you with maintenance.

You can track your orders and shipment status on our website or by contacting customer services.

Yes, we offer customized solutions for special projects. We can design and produce according to your needs.

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