Lift Arm Systems with Carrying Capacity

Height Adjustable Arm Systems meet the high precision control needs of businesses as an important component of industrial automation.

Lift Arm Systems with Carrying Capacity

RB050.LIFT050 height adjustable arm systems allow operators of different lengths to easily place products such as heavy-duty panels and monitors up or down according to ergonomic alignments. Its robust structure offers a load carrying capacity of 5-30 kg. It has the ability to move 300 mm up or 300 mm down on the horizontal axis. The body color is RAL7035 and the plastic parts are designed in accordance with RAL7016.

Ağırlık / Weight7.000 gr
Renk Kodu / Color Code7035
Ürün Adet / Piece1
Hareket / MovementHareketli
Ambalaj Ölçüleri / Packaging Dimensions100*650*100

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